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The North Pekin Fire Department

 The North Pekin Fire Department was established in 1947.  The all volunteer department serves the Village of North Pekin and contracts service to the Central Groveland Fire Protection District.  All together, the department covers approximately 14 square miles of Village and rural areas.   The department responds to about 210 calls per year.   The diverse coverage area consists of residential, agricultural, manufacturing, highways, and restaurants.  The department offers a 10 year incentive fund and a quarterly stipend based on rank, certifications, and attendance.

The department holds 4 scheduled events per month:

Business Meeting : First Saturday of the month at 9am

EMS Training: 3rd Tuesday of the month 9am and 6:30pm (attend 1)

Fire Training: Normally 3rd Saturday of the month at 9am

Cleanup/Maintenance: Normally 4th Thursday of the month at 9am and 6:30pm (attend 1)

    The department is dispatched by Tazewell/Pekin Consolidated Communications (TAZCOM).  The department responds to all medical and fire emergencies in the Village of North Pekin and contracts coverage to the Central Groveland Fire Protection District.  Although NPFD responds to all medical calls, it is a non-transporting agency and uses Advanced Medical Transport for patient transport.

  Minimum  Eligibility requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Live in the Village of North Pekin or within the Central Groveland Fire Protection District
  • No felony convictions (Illinois state law)
  • Good physical and mental condition

Preferred Eligibility Requirements

  • Stable job history
  • GED / High School graduate
  • Previous experience or related training

Expectations: The citizens of North Pekin and Central Groveland Fire District expect and deserve the best possible service from the fire department. The NPFD expects members of its fire department to be neat, courteous, honest, and good conduct. Members are expected to conduct themselves according to the NPFD guidelines as long as they remain a member of the department.  The job of a member is to constantly provide the maximum protection possible for the lives and property of the people of North Pekin and Central Groveland Fire District. To maintain this effectively members shall constantly train and study all areas of fire prevention and protection, fire fighting procedures, rescue,  emergency medicine, and the associated services that is necessary to successfully protect people, property, and to maintain competent department operations. If you feel that you can live up to the challenges in the fire service, be a team member, and take pride in what you do. Contact us !

Being a volunteer means that you are willing to sacrifice some time from your family and everyday events. It doesn't matter if you're a career or volunteer firefighter, we both follow the State Of Illinois Regulations for Firefighters.


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